Animal Production Division

Goat Production
    • Adaptability of Assam Hill goat was studied under agro-climatic conditions of Meghalaya.
    • Morphological characterization of Assam Hill goat has been completed and Genetic characterization is under progress.
    • Productive and reproductive performance has been studied up to 5th generation.
    • Carcass characteristics of Assam Hill goat were also studied.
    • Initial studies have been conducted to assess the physical and morphological characteristics of goat semen and work is in progress to optimize the protocol for preservation of goat semen.
    • Induction of estrus, synchronization of estrus and Artificial Insemination was successfully done at farm level.
Pig Production
      Semen Preservation
    • Standardized the method of collection of semen, evaluation, dilution and processing and preservation of boar semen.
    • Boar semen was successfully preserved in liquid state at 15-18 oC as well as in frozen state at -196 oC.
    • Standardized the technique of A.I. in pig.
    • First A.I. born piglets were produced after insemination of sow with frozen thawed boar semen.
    • Studied the sperm damage during the process of freezing and post thawing by fluorescent staining and Electron microscopy.
Rabbit Production
    • Developed the package of practices for broiler rabbit production.
    • Productive and reproductive performance were studied under field condition.
    • 20 farmers were selected from East Khasi Hill district of Meghalaya for rabbit rearing.
    • All the farmers were given 3 days training on rabbit and pig production in the Division of Animal Production.
    • One unit of pig (two female and one male) / one unit of rabbit (two female and one male) was given to the selected farmers.
Backyard Poultry Production
    • They can thrive well under backyard system of management.
    • Their feather colour similar to local indigenous chicken.
    • The taste of their meat and egg is like local chicken and with better quality meat and bigger egg size.
    • Performance is better than the local chicken.