Class III Bio safety cabinet - Animal Health Division, HQ, Umiam
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Make: Esco Technologies, Inc., US
Model: Esco Airstream® Class III Biological Safety Cabinet

Designed for BSL-4, Safer dual exhaust filters and Magnehelic pressure gauge. Esco Airstream® Class III biological safety cabinet offers the highest level of operator, product and environmental protection from infectious/biohazardous aerosols and is suitable for microbiological work with agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, 3, or 4. Designed for an absolute level of containment, it is frequently used for work involving the deadliest biohazards, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Esco Airstream® Class III biological safety cabinet is manufactured to meet and exceed the latest Class III biological safety cabinet requirements of the EN 12469:2000.

Working principle:Exhaust air is double-filtered through high-quality ULPA filters (per IEST-RP-CC-001.3) with typical efficiency of >99.999% for 0.1 to 0.3 micron particles, better than HEPA filters. Exclusive dual exhaust filters provide > 100.000 times better protection than single-stage designs.

  • Highest level of containment when working with hazardous material
User instruction:
    The HEPA filters in the Biosafety Cabinet will gradually accumulate airborne particulate matter from the room and from work performed in the cabinet. The rate of accumulation will depend upon the cleanliness of the room air, operating time and the nature of work being done in the cabinet. The Filter Gauge accurately displays the amount of filter life remaining.
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