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Make: Conviron
Model: PGW or PGV 40 Chamber
Temperature Range +10°C to +40°C lights on
Growth Area 41.5ft² (3.86m²)
Growth Height 76” (1930mm)
External Dimensions 140” x 70” x 102” (3556mm x 1780mm x 2590mm)
Internal Capacity 263ft³ (7443l)
Electrical Service 120/208-3Ø-60Hz
Light Intensity 1400 µmoles/m²/s

Working principle:Growth chambers are designed to completely isolate the research from the surrounding environment, and provide complete control of the climate inside the chamber. The amount of light and temperature are closely regulated, and some chambers offer humidity control and CO2 enrichment options.

  • Study of different aspects of plant physiology studies like photosynthesis, nutrition etc.
  • Study on environmental stress.
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