Ultra Centrifuge - Animal Health Division, HQ, Umiam
Instrument details:  
Make: Beckman Coulter, US
Model: Optima™ MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge

Advanced software with rigorous electronic record keeping including password-controlled access and complete audit trail documentation. Convenient touch-screen controls and easy-to-view display for gauging real-time speed, time and temperature. Four unique tube designs for unparalleled productivity across a wide range of applications. Features a proprietary multi-level approach to biosafety offering reliable protection.

Working principle:The Optima™ MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge is a power-packed solution that delivers fast, efficient separations from samples as small as 175 μL up to 32.4 ml and at speeds of up to 150,000 RPM and more than 1,000,000 x g.

  • Separation of subcellular particles
  • Protein purification and isolation
  • Viral vector gene delivery
  • Nano particle applications
User instruction:
  • Run speed ranges from 5000 to 150,000 RPM. If no new speed is entered, the ultracentrifuge automatically selects the last entered speed.
  • Run temperature can be set from 0 to 40°C. If no new value is entered, the ultracentrifuge automatically uses the last entered temperature.
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