NES+ (North East Soil Plus)

  • The Division of System Research & Engineering (DSRE) has developed an Android application- NES+ (North East Soil Plus)covering 12 important soil parameters (soil acidity, carbon, macro- and micronutrients) for acid soils of NE Region. The use of this software will felicitate in assessing the status of soil health (poor/medium/high) from the field test results, and accordingly, a recommendation guide covering location specific soil acidity and plant nutrient managements for 09 important crops (rice, maize, pulses & vegetables) have been provided in this application. The potential user will be farmer's, KVKs, NGOs, State departments etc. for maintaining land productity across NER of India. By and large, it comes under the gambit of Soil Health Card + Recommendation. We believe, we trust it will be of immense help to the concerned stakeholders including farmers in restoring soil health while improving crop productivity.

  • This Android Mobile App was launched on 5th Jan'2023 by the Hon'ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare -Shri Narendra Singh Tomar in the inaugural session of North East Krishi Kumbha 2023.

  • Developers: B.U.Choudhury, Md. Zafar, B.C.Verma, S. Hazarika

  • Click here to download NES+ App using your Android Mobile Phone