ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Social Science, Umiam-793103
Dr. Braj Pal Singh
Head of the Division
Principal Scientist
Ph.D (Agricultural Extension)

Telephone: 9719138623
Email: brajpal.singh@icar.gov.in

The Division of Technology Assessment & Capacity Building is an amalgamation of three disciplines, that is, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Statistics. The Division is looking after training and extension activities of the institute apart from doing research on impact assessment of technologies, conducting demonstrations, communication of technologies through innovative extension methodologies etc. The research contributions of the Division have been globally recognized and many of the scientists now occupies positions of repute in national and international organizations.

The Division has maintained good academic liaison with College of Post Graduate Studies (CPGS), Central Agricultural University, Umiam and other divisions at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region and regional centres including national and international agricultural research institutions. So far, 12 students received their Post-Graduate degree in collboration with the Division. The research focus of the Division has been continuously reoriented to address contemporary development challenges. The early research of the Division focused on farm business analysis, indigenous farming system research, yield-gap analysis, economics of shifting cultivation (Jhum) and marketing efficiency. To address the challenges and opportunities of the Green Revolution in Eastern and North-Eastern Part of India, research on value chain analyis, price forecasting, farm mechanization, climate change, gender knowledge system, converge of various extension systems, modelling growth in agriculture, analysis of drivers of growth and sustainability and efficient management of natural resources were undertaken. However, keeping pace with the changes in agricultural landscape in the region and the country, the research areas are reoriented from time to time. Current research thrust areas of the division include impact assessment of agricultural technologies, socio-economic aspects of climate change, policy analysis, inclusive growth, and poverty alleviation.

Scientific Staff

Dr.N.Uttam Singh
Scientist (Agril. Statistics)
Telephone: 9402134177
Email: uttamba@gmail.com
Dr Aniruddha Roy
Scientist (Agril. Economics)
Telephone: 9402134175
Email: aniruddhauvkv@gmail.com
Ms. Anjoo Yumnam
Scientist (Agril. Economics)
Telephone: 8837067795
Email: luluyumnam@gmail.com
Dr. Pampi Paul
Scientist (Agril. Extention)
Telephone: 7082973171
Email: pampindri@gmail.com
Shri Kamni Paia Biam
Scientist (Agril. Extension)
Telephone: 9435128192
Email: Kamni.Biam@icar.gov.in
Mr. Chikkathimme Gowda H R
Scientist (Agril. Economics)
Telephone: 8618030993
Email: chikkathimme.hr@icar.gov.in

Mandates/Thrust Areas of Research

  • To undertake research on socio-economic issues of farmers.
  • Impact assessment of agricultural technologies.
  • To disseminate improved technologies of agriculture, horticulture, livestock and fisheries through use of different extension methodologies.
  • Capacity building for farmers, extension officials, state government functionaries and other stakeholders of agriculture allied sectors.
  • To conduct studies on gender mainstreaming of agriculture and allied sectors.


On-going Projects

Sl. No.

Project title

Funding source




Multidimensional Performance Evaluation of Different Integrated Farming System in North Eastern Hill Region 



Dr. Aniruddha Roy


Technology Demonstration Component (TDC)



Dr. N. Uttam Singh


Rehabilitation of Jhumias through Enhancing Alternative livelihood options 



Dr. N. Uttam Singh


Livelihood Improvement of Rural Scheduled Caste Households through Climate Resilient T echnological Intervention in Meghalaya: A Participatory Approach



Dr. N. Uttam Singh


Role of selected agricultural technologies on the livelihood system of scheduled caste farmers of Meghalaya



Dr.Pampi Paul

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Awards and Recognition

Dr. Aniruddha Roy received Young Scientist Award, 2015 conferred by GKV Society, Agra, U.P. during National conference RAINFED 2015 at PJTSAU, Hyderabad during May 3-4, 2015
Dr. Aniruddha Roy received Young Scientist Award, 2014 conferred by Scientific and Educational Research Society, Meerut- India during February 17-19, 2015 at CIH, Medziphema, Nagaland
Dr. N. Uttam Singh received Best Ph.D. Thesis Award in International Conference on Global Research Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Sciences during 20-22 October, 2019 at NAARM, Hyderabad.
Dr. N. Uttam Singh received Young Scientist Award, 2020 in International Web Conference on Global Research Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Sciences during 28-30 December, 2020.
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