Agricultural Statistics:
List of working equipments with charges for facilities available for outside users:-

  • 1. An AC lab of 10 computers (installed SAS) along with projector and UPS backup of 2.30 hrs. with internet facility. Charge to use the lab with internet facility for one day is Rs 5000/- only.
  • 2. Available Books and manuals to use different modules of SAS (each copy of these books and manuals are also distributed to the nodal centre, regional centre and other NARS organizations in NE Region)
  • 3. SAS Software depot of 67 GB is available in the lab. Anybody in NARS can get installed the software in their official machines free of cost. The software is also distributed to all the nodal centre of this centre and users also can get the software from the nodal centre.
  • 4. One photocopier, printers and scanner are also available.
  • All the above mentioned equipments and facilities are available under the NAIP component 1 project “Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS”

List of working equipments with charges for facilities available for outside users:-
Sl. No. Name of the instrument Charges for outside user
1. HPLC Rs. 5,000 per sample
2. Spectrophotometer Rs. 500 per sample
3. Microscope with digital photography (25X) (Lica) Rs. 50 per slide
4. Water Purification system (milipore) Rs. 50 per litre of water
5. UV chamber Rs. 50 per hour
6. Potash Tower Rs. 50 per spraying

Plant Breeding:
List of Working Equipments:-
    1. ABI310 genetic analyser 11. Grain husker 21. Real Time PCR machine
    2. Biolistic particle delivery system 12. Grain polisher 22. Refrigerated centrifuge
    3. BOD incubator 13. Ice machine 23. Research microscope with fluorescence attachment
    4. Deep freezer (-20C) 14. Inverted microscope 24. Shaking incubator
    5. Deep freezer (-80C) 15. Laminar airflow 25. SPAD meter
    6. Electronic balance 16. Leaf area meter 26. Spectrophotometer
    7. Electrophoresis system 17. Moisture meter 27. Stereo zoom microscope
    8. Electroporator 18. Nitrogen analysis system 28. Vacuum evaporator
    9. Gel documentation system 19. PCR machine 29. Water purification system
    10. Generator 20. Power tiller

Soil Science:
Equipments availability with charges for external users:-
Sl. No. Equipments Charges(Rs / Sample)
1. pH meter 50/slide
2. Digestion block (For soil & plant sample digestion) 100
3. Distillation assembly (For Nitrogen analysis) 50
4. Photoelectric colorimeter 50
5. Flame photometer 50
6. Turbidity meter 50
7. Organic carbon estimation assembly 50
8. Calcium, Magnesium estimation assembly 50
9. Exchangeable aluminum and acidity estimation assembly 50
10. Bulk density estimation assembly 50
11. Buyoucous hydrometer cum texture estimation assembly 150
12. Pressure plate membrane assembly 150
13. Geodar apparatus 100

Plant Pathology:
List of working equipment/ services/trainings and charges:-
Sl. No. Equipment/ services/training Charges (Rs.)
1. Microscopy and digital photography 50/slide
2. Milli Q Water-purification system 50/liter
3. Laminar flow 50/hr
4. Mushroom cultivation training 1000/candidate (excluding food, transport & lodging)
5. Spawn production training 1500/ candidate
6. Potash Tower Rs. 50 per spraying


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