Cell culture Facility- Animal Health Division, HQ, Umiam
Instrument details:  

The specific requirement of a cell culture laboratory depends mainly on the type of research conducted. However, all cell culture laboratory has the common requirement of being free from pathogenic microorganism and share some of the basic equipment that is essential for culturing cells.

Various cell lines maintained in the laboratory: 1. RK13 2. MDCK 3.VERO 4.PK-15 5. HeLa 6. MCF-3 7. CHO 8. MA104 9. JURKAT E6 10. VERO/h SLAM 11. ESK-4 12. B95a 13. QT35 14. BHK-21 15. MDBK 16. SAS.
The basic facilities of our cell culture laboratory are -:
  • Two nos of cell culture hood or laminar-flow- Micro Flow Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
  • CO2 humid incubator- New Brunswick, Galaxy 170 R
  • Water Bath- Vision scientific co. Ltd.
  • Centrifuge- Remi R8C
  • Inverted microscope- Vert A1. ZEISS
  • Refrigerators- LG and Samsung
  • Freezer -200C- ARCTIKO
  • Liquid Nitrogen freezer or cryostorage container
Additional Supplies:
  • Cell culture vessels (e.g flasks, petri dishes, roller bottles, multi-well plates)
  • Pipettes and pipettors
  • Syringes and needles
  • Waste Containers
  • Media, sera and reagents
  • Cells
Contact us:

Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam 793103, Meghalaya.

Phone No: (0364) 2570257

Email: director.icar-neh@icar.gov.in / icarneh.director@icar.gov.in

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